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    How to sync Google calendar with iCal??
    I work in an office on an iMac with 2 guys out in the field with iPads. We also have a national office.
    We all need to be able to view and book appointments into a calendar.

    National office uses Google Calendar. The guys would prefer to use iCal as it is easier to use on the iPad. I can use either one.

    Firstly, can you have iCal running on a Windows PC? This would be the easier solution if we could all use iCal and sync.

    If not, then how can I sync iCal with Google Calendar seamlessly so it is updated in real time across both myself, the guys in the field and national office?

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    Get Started with CalDAV - Google Calendar Help

    iCal will not run on Windows, it's a Mac app.
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    I made a video for this recently for a friend when setting up my new 13" MBP, link is below.

    ‪Sync iCal with Google Calendar‬‏ - YouTube

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    It's not a perfect match for your scenario, but you'll get the idea:

    As a family we have a mix of iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, iMac, Windows desktops etc. Each of us has a gmail account and a google calendar. We use Google's exchange sync to These instructions will let allow us all to sync, add, view calendar items.

    These instructions say iPhone, but they are the same for iPad and allow iPad and iPhone users to use the built-in caledar app to manage appointments etc, which is, i think, what you're trying to acheive.
    Google Sync for your phone

    You can use the web google calendar app on your desktop/laptop or use the instructions posted by others if you want to use iCal on your Mac

    Please use the reputation system if you think you've been helped - bottom left of this post

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