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    Question on iPhoto exporting pictures
    In the old iPhoto, you could export as a regular email all the pictures you'd want and it would set up in the mail utility. I actually used to use that function to get pictures in a decent size for either hosting on my photobucket account or uploading to a forum server by clicking on the as yet unsent email draft pictures and saving them to a utility folder that would be a placeholder for them while I uploaded to the internet. I notice you can no longer do this, so I was wondering if there's another easy way to get iPhone (or other) imported pictures all resized to say 1200 pixels wide in the horizontal format in a temporary folder to be uploaded?

    Like in today's case where I have 50-60 pictures from a car show and I want to share them on my forum via photobucket.

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    Actually, you can still do it the way you used to. The only difference is that once you select the pictures, you drag them all the way down onto the Mail icon in the dock.

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