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    CoD: Punkbuster is busting my balls!
    I have Call of Duty and CoD: United Offensive, and I'm finding that on some servers in CoD, and all servers (that i've played on, which isn't many coz they're hard to find), I get kicked for not having the right punkbuster version (auto updates do not work). A few times I gotten this message:

    PB server requires A1347 C1.203 - error loading pbag

    OptusNet gives me this message

    Server running old version C1.193

    in any case, it them spits out crap about how it can't resolve to automarically update and I get kicked.

    I went to and manually downloaded and installed all the files. I first tried placing them into Applications/Call of Duty/PB, and then tried placing them into Home/Library/Applcation Suppoer/Call of Duty/PB. But it didn't help.

    I also tried their self-updating thingy that you run from within the PB folder and it is supposed to do its thing, but I got an error message with that:

    ** ERROR: Unknown game referenced in PB data file

    I'm at a loss. Is there anyone out there still plaing CoD that has resolved these issues?


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    i am having very similar problems on battlefield 2142. even balnce hasn't been any help on the support tickets. let me know if you find an answer, i will do the same.

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    I play cod uo 1.41 and 1.51 and only 1.41 works for me. I have used pbsetup and it says it updates my files but still i get booted on 1.51. I need a fix too.


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