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Thread: A way to reply to Outlook invitations?

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    A way to reply to Outlook invitations?
    I use my Mac for business and need a way to respond to Outlook invitations from my clients so that the responses automatically go into the inviter's calendar and the event goes into my calendar (I use iCal). Nothing I have tried has worked so far.
    * MobileMe using either iCal or MobileMe web browser does not work at all
    * So I switched my email to gmail and signed up for BusyCal. I am able to reply to invitations and they open in ical but the reply does not automatically show up on the inviter's calendar. Instead they get an email, which is a problem for two reasons (1) They have to click on the ics for it to appear in their calendar (2) The email is going to the client, not their admin, and I'd want the admin to be doing this if anyone
    * Gmail's web application doesn't let me reply at all.

    Is there any software or web application that will allow me to do this? Or do I need to use a different email program? I have Entourage 2008 but haven't used it. I understand there is a new version of Outlook for Mac.

    I'd really prefer to keep using my ical if possible but am open to switching to another calendar program if that's the only way to make this work.

    Help appreciated!

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