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Thread: 2GB ram (used) on startup..?

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    2GB ram (used) on startup..?
    When restarting my computer and checking activity-monitor it's using 2gb of ram before even starting any programs. The reason I'm concerned with this is I'm using ableton for music-production, and it's only 32 bit - so when starting ableton, it's almost maxing out the available (4gb) memory!

    Is this normal?

    I've included a screenshot. I know I'm starting up with some start-up programs by default, but not enough to use this kind of memory I think. Ableton has recently been behaving strangely with spikes of memory/cpu-use with only a few tracks going on...

    Any tips for reducing spent memory is appreciated too...
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    macbook pro, 2009 unibody, dual core 2.66, 8gb ram, apogee duet, logic, ableton, APC40, novation SL MKII, x-tempo pok

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    You're running a lot of programs according to the Activity Monitor: Little Snitch, MacKeeper (which you should get rid of as soon as possible), Live, and many others. All of which are sucking up your memory. And yes, Abelton needs lots of memory.

    Shut down all those login items first and then eliminate a lot of unnecessary things you're running. Like I said above, first on the list to go should be MacKeeper. It's pure junk-ware. Do some searching about it in our forums.

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    You've got almost 8Gb to play with. Almost 6Gb free.

    What's wrong?

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    Thanks chscag! I've now ditched mackeeper and got onyx -that did some cleanup for me..

    As for my ram-size, ableton needs a lot and can only utilize 4gb. Since ram-meters have been peaking I thought I needed some cleanup..
    macbook pro, 2009 unibody, dual core 2.66, 8gb ram, apogee duet, logic, ableton, APC40, novation SL MKII, x-tempo pok

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