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    Online Photo Editing sites having errors with Adobe Flash Player Crashing?
    The Adobe Flash Player works fine for games online - but for whatever reason any time I've tried to use or any other photo editing websites, it brings up an error that the Flash Player has crashed - or it lets me edit everything as usual - but when I try to save it to my computer it doesn't allow me to save it. It brings up the box that allows me to choose where to save it - but has a file titled "search.savedSearch" as the main one, but also has the "Save" button shaded out so I doesn't work no matter what file I choose.

    I don't know much about computer systems, but I'm really at a loss as to why this is happening.

    I'm using a MacBook OS X 10.6.7. Firefox 5.0 (although it gives the same problem when I try it in Safari). I've downloaded the Flash Player multiple times but can't seem to find it when I search it to find the version information.


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    Welcome to Flash, the number one cause of crashes on the Mac.

    I haven't tried the specific sites you mention, but yes Flash is probably at the root of the problem.

    You can determine what version of Flash your browser has by simply going to the Flash download page. It will tell you and recommend the latest one if you don't already have it.

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