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    Starcraft 2 reviews please!!
    Hey guys, so I downloaded the Starcraft 2 demo today to try it out and at first I thought it was ok just playing the campaign, the campaign is cool but then i tried the multiplayer demo ...thats when it started to interest me. I started to get flashbacks of my Command & Conquer days and started to really get into it - i played the one on one type and then the team type of multiplayer and i started seeing the potential in this game picturing team multiplayer games sending units over to your friends bases to help in defense going in full fledged to one enemy base with your team members sounds really fun, but i have a few questions to the hardcore SC2 gamers - How do you communicate to each other in team games without mic's how can i tell my team i need help or vise versa? How would you rate SC2 as oppose to Civilization 5 or just in general? Hows the replay value? Is it one of iMac's best games? How is the multiplayer community on it competitive? Good servers? All information would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!

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    You aren't gonna find hardcore Starcraft gamers on here.

    here is where you want to look.

    *OFFICIAL* Starcraft 2 Strategy & Discussion Thread - -
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    Keep in mind that their online multiplayer is probably the most competitive one on the face of the earth. To signal for help, I usually type "asdfasfsf"
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