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    Problems with Apple Mail in 10.5.8
    I am experiencing a problem with Apple Mail. It times out every 30 minutes or so with a message stating unable to connect to server, I just click the message and it starts receiving ok. Sometimes when I send it hangs and will not send until I quit and reopen the program. I ran the Mail connection doctor and it checked out ok. Would an upgrade to 10.6 take care of this? I'm not sure about this as everything else works ok and I hate to upgrade because other problems might crop up.

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    If you're on an Intel Mac, you should have upgraded to Snow Leopard long ago, and you are going to get into hot water if you don't grab a copy of Snow Leopard while it is still available.

    I have no idea if it will solve the problem or not, but anyone who is on a Core 2 Duo Intel Mac and hasn't yet upgraded to Snow Leopard needs to do so QUICKLY, as already being on SL is the *only* path to getting Lion and all future updates.

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    I am on Snow Leopard10.6.7 and it will do the same thing whee I try to send messages intermittently (maybe once or twice a week). I close mail and restart, send the draft and it is ok.

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