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Thread: App for MBP Hardware Monitoring

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    App for MBP Hardware Monitoring
    Is there an app or piece of software to monitor the temperature of a mbp working at full speed?

    Reaso I ask is that I currently have a sketch transparent hard cover on my mbp as using the laptop at festivals it does get slid about on desks a fair bit and to protect it i bought the transparent case to protect it from scratches a bit.

    Tonight as Lightroom 3 is exporting 300 raw editted images to JPG, the fan is running pretty fast to the point where I can hear it. The machine is sitting on a flat wood table and there is airflow underneath.

    Where the screen hinges off the back of the mbp, there seems to be a fair bit of heat coming out here but I want to ensure it is not over heating and that I am not doing any damage with heat on this machine.

    I would now be lost without my MBP since moving to apple in May this year.

    Thanks in advance and pologies for the noob questions.


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    There is a Mac OS X app (not iOS) called SMC Fan Control. It will show you operating temps. You should know that your Mac is already optimized for fan control, so only use this app to monitor, not alter, your fan speeds. Your Mac will shut down if it overheats, which is not likely unless you really work it hard for a very long period of time.
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    Moved to correct forum and title edited. Does not belong in the IOS and Apps forum.

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    I really don't understand the question. You're exporting/converting 300 RAW images. You're using your computer to do one of the vast number of things it was designed to do.

    It was also designed, when you start using your computer for real work instead of just browsing the web and sending email, to cause the fans to automatically speed up to keep it within it's operating specifications.

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