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    VMware Fusion question
    I have my iMac partitioned with a small segment using Windows XP. Normally I start Windows using Boot Camp. However since I have VMFusion I wonder if an icon on the iMac desktop can be setup that will automatically boot me into Windows and also start a specific windows program. Since I really only use two windows programs - Quicken and Photoshop - this would save me some time if I could have an desktop icon for each of these programs.

    My apologies if this question has already been asked and answered.


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    Moved to correct forum.

    I don't believe there's a way to place an icon on your desktop and have Fusion automatically boot Windows to a specific program. (If I'm understanding you correctly.)

    However, you can place the program that you wish to open when Windows starts in your Windows "Startup Folder". That will launch the specific program whenever Windows starts up. Unfortunately, though, you can only start one at a time and have it open. But you can start a second program minimized. In other words, start Quicken full screen, and start Photoshop minimized. Or vice - versa.

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    You may want to try and look at vmware settings and find the option that says "applications", click on the default applications tab after you select that option. check the "Open your mac files and web links using Windows Applications" option. From there, hit the select option, and find the file you wish to open on windows by default.

    But this, I am not so sure about, for the programs you listed. vmware seems to be specific about these programs, as in it has options for web browses, rss feeds, mail clients, file transfers, newsgroups, and remote sessions. I'm uncertain if it can do what you want with other executables...

    so now, for example, if you wanted to try this out, you would click on photoshop and go to the "Get Info" option, and from there select

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