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Thread: I hate Itunes

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    I hate Itunes
    Can anyone give me positive feedback on why I shouldn't? Perhaps if you could tell me how to add a song to a now playing songlist. Or if you could tell me a way to easily remove duplicate songs from my itunes library without deleting each song individually. Mac is above and beyond than pc...zune software for music is above and beyond itunes....

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    Your thread was posted in Community Suggestions and Feedback which it has nothing to do with. I moved it to OSX Applications as that is what iTunes is.

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    Could you elaborate a little bit on the playlist? Are you wanting to be able to add the song that is "Now Playing" to a playlist automatically that is designated for adding only songs that are currently playing?

    For removing duplicates I can recommend that you give Dupin from Doug a try. It should get the job done. A full-featured demo is available. It allows 20 tracks to be found, and one "purging" to take place per session. It does the trick though, and if this important enough for you to do then it's worth the money.

    Apple has a support article that recommends showing duplicates within iTunes, then sorting by date to separate the duplicates so that you can easily delete multiple files at once. See if this article is of any assistance.

    If you are interested in alternatives to iTunes, I'd have a look at Songbird. It is the best shot you have for a full iTunes replacement on OSX.
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    You can try Ecoute as well.
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    I get duplicates. My job is to deal with that, on a scale of huge corporate datawarehouses, using SQL Server, and to carefully create a complex query to pinpoint the root cause.

    Having to remove dupes manually is painful, once the count is above 200. Just order the dupes by name, or bitrate or date_added if you prefer, and cream them off into the trash. I wish there was an option for that in Automator; I have to say it's dismal!

    I considered importing and analysing the iTunes XML file into SQL Server, which would take 0.001 seconds to show a report of the top... 1,000 dupes, and the count per tune, but then no real way to go and delete these automatically, going by date_added or choose the lowest or highest bitrate, resulting in a copy per library. Oh, Apple

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