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    Word 2004 doc on Word 2011 changes margins when converting to PDF
    I have a book that I wrote using Word 2004. It was never a problem converting it to pdf using the print menu before. However I got a new computer with OS 10.6.7 and upgraded to Word 2011. The document opens OK but when I convert to pdf the margins have changed. The bottom margin is very small and the top margin is much bigger.

    Is there a simple way to fix this? I have been struggling with it for months.

    I also noticed that if I try to copy and paste this document into a new docx no matter if the page size, font and font size, and margins are all the same, it will not paste exactly.

    Computers are so complicated!

    Appreciate any guidance.

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    Check to make sure the file has the correct paper size selected when you go to print to PDF: US Letter. I had a similar issue with a file created in a previous version of Word that I had used the "Shrink to Fit" option when converting; when I edited the original and went to save as a PDF again, it left out my footer. Upon investigation, I determined that Word 2011 had recognized that it was a "Custom" paper size. Once changed to US Letter, the footer printed.

    Also, if you want to save this in .docx format, no need to copy and paste. Simply open up the original .doc file, pull down your File menu, choose Save As, and in the Format drop-down menu, choose Word Document (.docx) -- it will be at the very top of the options.
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    Thanks for your suggestions txtchr

    My original document was never shrunk to fit so size was not the issue in the conversion process.

    No matter whether I save this document as a .doc or .docx, or even copy and paste into a new docx file, when I go to save as pdf using the print command there is the issue again of the bottom margin being too small and not showing the page number that was on the original.

    I wonder if any of you can figure this one out!


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