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Thread: Final cut studio serial problems

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    Final cut studio serial problems
    First off, I would like to say hi. Im new here obviously.
    I joined because I have been trying to find an answer. I installed Final Cut Studio about 6 months ago. Final Cut was the first studio app I opened since it was the first one I needed to use. So the registration dialogue opened and I entered my serial. I used FCP for about 4 months and about 2 months ago (after I finished all my deadline projects) decided I wanted to try out color. So I click on color. I get the splash screen, then I get a registration dialogue box.*confused* So I find my serial and enter it. Hit ok. This serial is invalid. Umm, no. Works just fine on FCP. So what Im wondering is why would it tell me that the number is invalid? Also, since its a studio install, shouldn't the number register all the apps no matter which app was the first to receive the serial?

    Thanks a bunch ya'll.

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    Welcome to the Mac Forums.

    Final Cut Studio consists of six apps. Did you install all the apps in the suite at the same time? I would think when you first entered your SN, it registered the entire suite unless there are separate SNs for each app.
    Did you check the package to see if there is in fact a separate SN for each app?

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    Well, there is only one number listed. Yes I did the full install all at once. Which is why Im very confused as to why it's not working properly. I even tried deleting the registration files from library>application support>pro apps...etc then i reentered my number and same thing. Since I installed a while back I am questioning if I entered at the install, or did what I think I did which is not enter it at install and instead enter it into FCP directly. If that is the case my guess is a reinstall is the only option. But, I was just wondering if there was any other suggestions first.

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