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    Record Lectures AND play them on an IPod
    I am a full time nursing student and would like to be able to record the lectures and playback on an ipod for driving, gym, etc... I use a MB now and am using Word's publisher layout and the sound is fine, I would just really like to listen wirelessly I saw an app "Lecture Recorder" which describes that it would work, but I was wondering if anyone else had first hand experience with some apps. Someone suggested recording with Garageband, but I tried playing around with it and that is just not for me. I need quick, easy, and cheap. Any advice? I do not have an IPhone either. I am stuck with an android for a few more months.

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    Your best bet is to buy a cheap run of the mill recorder and then import the files to itunes.

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    If you had an iPhone, I'd have suggested the voice memos feature or any of a dozen or two voice-recording apps. I don't own an Android, but I have trouble believing the Android Marketplace doesn't have a cheap or free app that can do this for you.

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