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    How to reinstall Imovie HD
    Hey guys
    I have Imovie 08 but I actually like Imovie HD for little picture story stuff cause I like the themes associated with it better than 08. Anyway, my disc that I got with my mac is going to have 08 on it and not HD. I have HD in my list of applications (if I remember I drug it from my old HD when I got the new mac), but I don't have the themes. I went to HD, Library, App Support, and there is no Imovie folder. So I assume the entire program did not make it to my hardrive in the drag over... so i went to apple's site and tried to download it again but it says it can't download because a "newer version" exists. So I drug that Imovie HD icon into the trash and still the same thing. I hate to drag Imovie 08 in the trash cause I don't think that is causing the issue since the app has a different name.
    thanks again for any help

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    just got off the phone w/ apple and they said that the download link on the apple site is just an update and not the full program. he suggested going to ebay to buy ilife 06... not sure that its that good of a program to mess with having to buy an out of date ilife disc; any other suggestions guys?

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    Upgrade to iMovie '11. It's fabulous.

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    Also recommend iMovie11. It brings back just about all of the features in iMovieHD that disappeared with iMovie8.

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    okay, i got the imovie 11 disc in today... but when i loaded (the software download was successful) it still looks like imovie 08... am i missing something?

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    Nope. It's iMovie 08 with tons of improvements. Watch the tutorials on Apple's iLife site.

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