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    Question [HELP] Transgamming Cider app
    Hey if anyone knows how to use cider I would really appreciate some help with it. I tried to port AoE 2 and once i followed all of these directions I launched the .app and it came up on my dock but nothing happened. I couldnt quit it and no window came up nothing. I had to force quit it in activity monitor. Then I tried CoD WaW and when I launched it it didnt even stay in my dock. Is porting a game really as simple as these directions make it seem?

    These are the directions that I am using:

    What we need? First Som3on3's great cider Template from Heros and second a cracked(!) Windows-game (I'm using NFS: U2 ).
    Drag both on the desktop, so you'll know where they are.
    Show the content of the template
    Copy the game-folder inside the template (./Contents/Resources/transgaming/ c_drive/Program Files)
    Now open ./Contents/Info.plist and edit the properties of CedegaGameDir and CedegaGameName to the right values for your game (look at the screen for my example).

    Am I only supposed to change 2 things in the info.plist file? If anyone knows what to do in this situation i would really appreciate some help on the matter. Or if someone could point me in a better direction for porting games to mac from windows that would be great too.

    Also i dont know if this will be helpful but this is the terminal actions that happen when i launch the game.

    Last login: Thu Jun 16 00:19:44 on ttys000
    Bxxj-Mxxxxx-MacBook-Pro:~ Bxxx$ /Users/Bxxx/Desktop/Cider/Cider/ ; exit;
    err:module:BUILTIN32_dlopen failed to load .so lib for builtin d3dx9_37.dll: dlopen(libd3dx9_37.dylib, 2): image not found
    err:module: PE_fixup_imports Module (file) d3dx9_37.dll (which is needed by C: \Program Files\Data\CoDWaW.exe) not found

    [Process completed]

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    A couple of things....

    Cider is only marketed to developers, not end-users. And no, it's not always straightforward to get a game running (Cider is essentially a customized version of WINE). If you are a developer, you should seek out support from Transgaming.

    But since I suspect you're an end-user, I suggest you try a more end-user friendly alternative like CrossOver Games.
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    Cider is only licensed to publishers and developers. If you are a publisher or developer and have a legal license for Cider, I would suggest you contact TransGaming.

    Cider has not been released and is not licensed to end users.

    Any discussion of cracking, porting, using, etc. of pirated software is not supported here.
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