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Thread: Font Issues in MS Word

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    Font Issues in MS Word

    I'm new to the forum so I apologise if this has been covered before, or I have put it in the wrong forum.

    I am currently running Microsoft Office (are we allowed to say that here!? ha) for Mac and it isn't displaying bullet points correctly.

    I've contacted them and they gave me a set of instructions which haven't worked so I was wondering if it something to do with my font book.

    I've noticed that if I go into font book and disable "User" fonts when I start up word, it does infact display the bullet points correctly!? Although notifications asking to use fonts appear on launching the program.

    Also if I go to the User fonts in font book and click on the symbol font it displays no characters, however if I look at the list of computer fonts and click on the symbol font it does show characters.

    My knowledge of the apple font system isn't much, I was just wondering if this is normal?



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    Moved to correct forum and title edited for clarity.

    Microsoft Office uses a separate font folder that is a sub folder of the system fonts folder. Chances are you have a font conflict. Open your Font Book application (Applications -> Font and validate the fonts while at the same time remove duplicates. The application will tell you if there are dupes. Click on "resolve" for each one that's a dupe.

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