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    Can't install App Store on Macbook Pro

    I'm having difficulty installing the App Store on my Late 2010 Macbook Pro running OS X v10.6.7. The Apple website suggests clicking on the Apple sign (top left hand corner) and clicking "software update" which should then show the installation, but this doesn't work for me. "There are no new updates to install for your computer" is the message that I get. Is there an alternative way to install the App Store? I want to have it in order to be able to install Lion when it comes out in July.


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    The App store application should have installed itself on your machine when you updated to 10.6.6. What you can try is to download the combined Snow Leopard update package and install it over the top of your 10.6.7. You won't lose anything in the process and it may fix the App store for you.

    Download from here.

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