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    HP MediaSmart Server - hpMSSAgent (not responding)
    I have a HP MediaSmart Server that I use to store all my media on and can access things from my Windows 7 Desktop and my MacBook without any problems.

    It even works with Time Machine so my MacBook is backed up to it without any problems.

    The issue I have is that the hpMSSAgent application that runs on my MacBook stops my MacBook from shutting down quickly and I have to Force Quit it to get it to close and as soon as I do my MacBook then shuts down.

    I've searched HP's forums but no-one has a solution - it works on my Windows 7 computer OK as shutting down is no problem so it's just a Mac problem.

    Any ideas?
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    No idea. Never saw that on mine during the couple of years it was running. It died about 3 months ago. Not aware off hand of anyone else here using the MediaSmart.

    I did remove whatever that software had loading from my startup though.
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