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    Urgent Help Required - iDVD!
    Hi all,

    I have created a slideshow on iPhoto and transferred to iDVD on my 2008/9 macbook (v 10.5.8). I can not burn DVD's on this mac because it is too old and doesn't have the correct hardware. So, I saved it onto USB and tried to open it in another mac - (v 10.6.7) which is capable of burning DVD's. When I try to open the project from the USB on the new mac, it gives me an error message saying the 'following files could not be found' and lists the audio and video files, and doesn't open.

    Could anyone tell me how I can transfer this project to the other mac? It is a slideshow for a funeral that starts in 18 hours or so, and I don't want to have to re-do the who slideshow on the new mac.

    Any help would be HUGELY appreciated!!

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    It sounds to me like you are copying the DVD project to the USB stick and NOT a disk image. This is probably where you are going wrong.

    In iDVD you can save a finished project as a disk image. Do that. Move the disk image file (which will be around 4GB, maybe less) to your USB drive, then copy it onto the other Mac. Use DISK UTILITY (not iDVD) to burn the disk image as a "CD/DVD master."

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