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    Switching to mac help
    hi, im thinking of getting a mac, but i'm not sure if there are any good games or applications for them, could someone help me find out whether i should switch, at the moment i play a decent amount of FPS, a few RPG's and the occasional strategy game.
    any help in deciding would be great

    my computer at the moment is a fairly good spec one as well, so what mac should i get instead. I have a budget of about $2000, may be a bit more depending on how much i sell my computer for.

    i5 3.9 ghz - CPU
    ati 5770 overclocked - GPU
    2 Tb - hard drive
    8 gb - Ram
    22 inch monitor


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    You haven't really given us any solid reasons why you want to switch or purchase a Macintosh.

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    Most mainstream games are available on the Mac -- not always immediately, but they come eventually. Not every game, but most of the mainstream ones.

    If gaming is the FOCUS of your computer use, I can't recommend a Mac. They are more designed for doing useful things, and don't always stock the top-of-the-line video cards that hardcore gamers demand.

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    They say windows is great for gaming and Macs are great for everything else. So with the same amount of money you could get a super powerful gaming computer or a somewhat powerful mac not tailored for gaming.

    There are a number of porting solutions for frustrated mac gamers, but getting your favorite games can be a hassle.

    I suggest getting a run-of-the-mill macbook and keep a windows machine for your gaming.

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