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    Hi All!

    First of all I'd like to say hello to everyone and that after leaving the Mac community for 12 years, I'm happy to be back!

    I have a bit of a newbie question/problem.

    I run both Safari and Firefox and have bookmarks from both browsers on the desktop. Currently, Safari is the default browser. Every time I open a Firefox bookmark, it opens it with Safari.

    What I want to do is to have bookmarks from both browsers on my desktop and have them open up with their native application.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Not really sure that's possible without editing each individual file each time. You could drag the icon onto the browser you want to open it with on the dock.
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    YOu are placing bookmark files on the desktop - is that to keep all common bookmarks available to each browser?

    Clicking on that file will open in OS X.s default browser, and you can only have one default program for any file type (like.html)

    If you want to have the same bookmarks across all our browsers I would not keep them on the desktop, but use each browsers bookmark menu, and keep everything in sync using a cloud service like XMarks

    Xmarks | Bookmark Sync and Search

    That way you can also use xMarks to get your bookmarks when you are away at work or visiting family, and any changes you make will be reflected across all browsers and computers you are using XMarks on.
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