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    I'm wanting a personal finance software package that will allow me to import bank transaction records either as a downloaded file or directly from the bank. Many apps do this. BUT, I have bank accounts in the USA as well as the UK and so I need to be able to work in different currencies and ideally be able to use exchange rates though that's not as important. Any advice please?

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    Hi, I have been using Moneydance for four years, its great
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    I'm a recent convert from Windows to Mac and a long time user of Quicken financial software. I've transferred all of my financial data to iBank4. The conversion process and importing of data went fairly well, but still, I put a lot of time and effort into getting things just right. iBank4 does allow you to work with different currencies, although I personally haven't used that feature. There are some quirks for sure in the program and I'd suggest you spend some time in the user forums for iBank to get a feel for them.

    My take on it is that Quicken just seemed to be going downhill and I could no longer do downloads with the version I had, even though the program did everything I wanted it to. You have to upgrade every 3 years with Quicken or they pull the plug on downloads. Reviews of the latest version of Quicken implied they had taken away reports and made other unfavorable changes. iBank (IGG software) at least seems to be trying to get things right and make improvements. It's not exactly cheap and takes a while to get used to, but now that I've been running on it for a few months, I can do all the things I need to do to keep my financial affairs in order.

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    I'm looking to move off of Quicken 2004 and considering either iBank or Moneydance. Up to now I haven't had a reason to look at something else, but this morning I changed the date on a payment, making sooner than it had been. Then I changed my mind and put further in the future, but the balance that was shown for the earlier date didn't revert to what it had been before. I've got enough hassles keeping everything straight without the program flaking out.

    I'm hoping iBank will run on a G5.

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