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    Problem Sharing Folders! It's so simple, yet..
    Okay, so here is the background with my '11 Macbook. I partitioned the hard drive into 3 partitions, 1 for MAC, one NTFS for Windows, and 1 FAT32 partition for music, pictures, and shared info between the two os's. I attempt to open file sharing for my computer for other people in the network. I've setup user logins for certain people that i allow to see my folders. The problem is that I am unable to specify sharing for my FAT32 "Media" partition. When i share the partition or a folder inside the partition, it shares the files to everyone in the Network. I'm unable to edit Users nor change the "read & write" status for these default users. I need help! I can't figure it out! the add remove buttons under Users is unclickable. it's frustrating!

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    Fat32 does not support ownership or file permissions
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