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    Unhappy Need advice about Safari and Silerkeeper backup
    I don't have a Mac myself, but i was trying to help a friend with one.

    She has vision problems so she had chosen a zoom factor for viewing her display.

    She was having some problems with a couple of apps.

    First when using Safari to access the online shopping service peapod, it didn't show all the tabs at the top of window that should have been there. If she used Firefox for the same service, it did. Peapod's Customer Service couldn't understand why there was a problem with Safari. It wasn't something obvious like not scrolling to the top. What might cause Safari to do that?

    She also used the program Silverkeeper to back up her files to an external USB disk. During the scheduled backup, the program would hang on a Lexmark file. It wasn't a specially large file and she had plenty of room left on the external drive. Also, she has never had a Lexmark printer. I couldn't figure out why the program was hanging. Also, I couldn't figure out how to tell it to ignore the Lexmark files.

    Why is there Lexmark software on her Mac. Is it safe just to remove it? How do I do that?

    Just incidentally, although I am not familiar with the Mac OS, I am an experienced Linux/Unix user. If I could bring up a terminal in which I could use Unix commands, it might help me troubleshoot. I did that once to help a friend. How do I bring up such a terminal window?

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    Welcome to the Mac Forums.

    We can't realistically provide you with advice or help until we have some information about your friend's Mac.

    Post the year, model of the Mac and the version of OS X it's running and we'll try to get back to you.

    In the meantime... As Silverkeeper is backup software by LaCie, you will have to scan through their help to see how to exclude certain files from being backed up.

    Regarding printer software.... Prior to OS X Snow Leopard, (10.6.X) Apple included a wide range of printer drivers and software along with the operating system. It's not unusual to see files for printers that she doesn't use with her Mac.

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    I'm afraid I don't know that information and the Mac owner probably can't provide it.

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