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Thread: iMovie 7 Themes

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    iMovie 7 Themes
    Hey! So. I have a movie that needs to be presented soon and I'm having a little trouble with iMovie 7.

    First off, some background. I have 3 Mac Minis. One of them is a server with an external superdrive, and it's the only one of the computers that can burn the DVD.
    The actual application is on the regular Mac Mini.
    I've already tried just moving the external drive over to the Mac Mini, but the drive is only made for servers and MacBook Airs.

    So basically, I'm now just trying to move the iDVD application over to the server.

    I copied the application and it's folder under library, system applications, iDVD. Then I transferred both of those onto the server.

    The application transferred no problem. The themes, however, won't install. It just says "no theme, find a theme or reinstall" so I'll hit browse to go get the themes that are in that system applications folder, but they won't be there. So I'll drag them back in there and try and select that as my theme and they will just disappear. They won't move to the trash or anything, they'll just disappear and I still get the "no theme installed" message.

    Help? Either where to download themes or how to transfer them over?


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    Do you mean iDVD7? There is no iMovie7

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