I'm trying to help a client that has an older Mac - running 10.2.8.
Wierdness with her email - She can't check messages - no error, but new messages never show up.
"Opening mailbox" displays above where messages should be.
I have confirmed the correct credentials & server information has been entered.

I tried logging on to IE webmail using her credentials, and oddly it said the user name/password is incorrect.
I tried on another computer, and it works fine.
I checked that caps lock isn't on, and that I am using the correct credentials.

There is a message that comes up the first time we try to open the mail -
"Unlock Keychain" - 'Mail wants access to keychain username. Please enter your keychain password or phrase'.

This user has tried the password she uses to boot the computer and the password she uses for mail.
Neither work.

Also - at some point, the test messages we sent of Friday arrived in her mailbox. But no new mail has arrived.

Any idea what could cause this???