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    looking for free software for cataloging ext hard drive files
    I do a lot of photography work and have a number of 1TB hard drives with countless images on them, in numerous folders.
    I was wondering if there was a free application that will read the entire hard drive, and store all of the basic file information on one searchable file.

    I really want to be able to just search for a file name or description and it will tell me which drive it is on and the direct folder path to get to that file.

    Any free application would be an awesome help....Well I guess it does not have to be free...might be worth it to buy on this one.

    I will be traveling for a long while, without my hard drives. I want to keep a low res file on my computer of all my contents on the drives so that if I receive a request for an image, I can contact somebody at home, with my hard drive and tell them exactly what drive it is on, and what folder it is in.


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    If you already own Roxio's Toast, it came with a catalog program called DiskCatalogMaker RE. So in a way that would be "free."

    If it's images you're cataloging, you'd be much better off with a DAM (Digital Asset Manager). Here's one for reference (no personal experience with it):

    Overview of Portfolio 8

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