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    About drawing organic chemistry application freeware?
    Hello every Mac-Forums Users!
    Please forgive me, my English is not very well, because I am a student from asia.
    I am a new member of, and a new user of Mac.
    I have been studying in Chemistry for a year, I need a software for drawing organic chemistry.
    I found some applications about 'drawing organic chemistry application' from this forums, but some posted linking of applications is not for free, or a User ID is necessary to login for a download.
    I tried to use Google to search what I need, but no answer was found!
    May I Know how can I get a 'Drawing Organic chemistry application' software for free?(not just for 30 days of trial, nor sharewares)



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    Welcome to the Mac Forums.

    I doubt seriously that you will find a complex program that enables you to draw in organic chemistry for free. Those types of programs are specialized and usually are quite expensive.

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    May 30, 2011
    Thank you chscag.
    well, I see. Sorry, what I meant is a 2D drawing application for organic chemistry.
    Is there any 2D organic chemistry drawing application for free?


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