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    Mac OS Productivity Application - Email Correspondence

    I'm looking for an application to assist in my email correspondence. I am contacting and following up with many business clients and would like to have an app for my macbook to assist who I have contacted, notes I've made, and new follow up details for future emails with the same/particular clients (ie. one week or so). I want to improve workflow and ensure that I do not wait too long before following up again.

    Many thanks for other suggestions and direction in advance.


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    You sound like a good candidate for a solid database program. I hear good things about Personal Database and Organizer Software | Bento 4 or FileMaker Pro

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    Actually this sounds more like someone who needs a CRM program (which, to be fair, is just a custom form of database).

    Might want to check out Relationships from Jumsoft, or Daylite from Marketcircle (pricey but I'm told it's very good) or the free but unsupported DayChaser from Econ Technologies.

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