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    Productivity help
    Hi guys, recently bought a MacBook Pro after the ol' G5 bit the dust in the recent Alabama twisters. It's so nice to have a machine that people update software for now Anyway, I'm trying to be more productive and would like to turn my MBP into a badass, information collecting, to-do list reminding, calendar planning powerhouse, but I'm lousy at it so far. I tried iCal a few years back but never found the annoying pop-up alarms to really be much of a help. I'm not a Mac noob but I never found much use for the built-in apps until now, so if there's something here I want to do that something already does, feel free to remind me but please be gentle!

    Here are a few things that I'd like to do:

    Collect and manage YouTube subscriptions (tutorials, lessons, etc)

    Collect and manage blog and news feeds

    Create multiple to-do lists

    Track goal progress

    Keep track of and manage expenses, bills, on-line bank accounts, etc

    A calendar for important dates

    I know there are multiple applications that can help me with these tasks, but is there ONE app that can do all these? Or even an app that can automatically aggregate the information from these different apps together? That would be best but, any advice would help. Thanks guys!

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    that's a big and specific list. I'd be tempted to say something like Bento would do that, but my exposure to it is rather limited (it's a database application)
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    I might be Waaaaaaaay off track here

    EverNote Free and can be for all IOS devices as well . . .
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