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    Switching to Mac ... Need a PIM
    Hi Guys.
    I'm finally making the switch from Windows to Mac. For years, I've been using Palm's Desktop software to manage all my personal information. Not just personal contacts, but various accounts, software serial #'s, passwords, etc.

    It looks like Palm Desktop is not compatible with Snow Leopard, so I need to find a Mac OS X alternative. Any ideas?

    Also, anyone know how I can transfer all the info in my Palm Desktop (without synching to a Palm) without entering it manually?


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    For accounts, passwords, software serials, etc. 1Password is perhaps the best.
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    Can you export the data as per this article?
    Palm Support : Export data from Palm Desktop for Windows
    Most modern pins can accept csv and such.

    Second vote for 1password for sensitive information.

    As far as pim - try out Apple's Address Book and iCal. There is also Microsoft Outlook available. There are others but those are the ones I have personally used.

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