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    TextEdit Shortcuts
    Is there a short cut for creating a bulleted list in TextEdit? I'm tired of taking the time to use my mouse and select a bulleted list in the drop down menu, especially when in the middle of typing up a storm. Any other shortcuts are appreciated also! Thanks!!

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    Hi oinkydoodle,

    Try Option-Tab.

    If you'd like to then change it from a "dash" to a "bullet" a quick Right-click > Listů should do the trick.

    I know this is a little silly to reply to a post from 7 years ago, but your question came up in the Top 10 on a Google search for "keyboard shortcut bullet list textedit".

    Newer versions of TextEdit, of course, have Formatting buttons in the Toolbar, but Option-Tab is still a great little time saver.

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    Please take note of the date of the post you responded to; it's 7 years old!

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    Hi chscag,

    You are absolutely right – the only reason I actually went ahead and did it is because a few minutes before when I was Google searching "keyboard shortcut bullet list textedit", this post was the #7 result…but it had no answer. I continued my search and got the answer from another link.

    Before closing my Mac-Forums tab, I decided to leave the answer here, too. That way, if another, similar search occurs and the Mac-Forums link is clicked, at least now they'll have the answer.

    I know oinkydoodle might never get the reply, but at least now there is an answer for a question that was still coming up in search results.

    Thanks for having a great place to find answers and discussions. I hope all is well in the land of Mac-Forums, even with a user posting to 7 year-old content!

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