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Thread: iTunes sleep timer?

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    iTunes sleep timer?
    I'm looking for a sleep timer for my itunes.

    I like going to bed listening to music but I don't want it playing all night (maybe like 30mins to an hour). Additionally, I'd like to play music from a specific playlist in a random order.

    Is there any way to do this? Any special download for my mac I can get? Maybe some kind of iTunes plugin?

    I know of the "smart" playlists but they don't seem to allow me to do random order etc.

    Any help is appreciated!

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    It a bit out there but i have used AlarmClock Pro for just this thing.

    As you can see its easy done with this App
    Then you can set up that particular playlist to Shuffle. Select all in the Playlist then Controls>Shuffle>Turn on . . . ACP is a paid App though.

    Im sure there is a way to do this via AutoMator as well so ill go looking for some info for you

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    Thanks so much, man! This forum community is the best!

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