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Thread: Problem with Safari / Divx

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    Problem with Safari / Divx
    I recently tried to install an xvid codec to try and watch a movie. I also then installed Perian.

    One of these has messed up the player for Divx movies as the controls are no longer visible and I can't pause / play / etc. See pictures below, one shows the controls present as they used to be and the other shows what I am now dealing with, no controls no playback progress bar etc.

    I have tried undoing everything I installed but nothing seemed to work. I also removed Safari and re-installed it but still had the issue.

    Both Safari and Firefox have this problem now but I tried installing Chrome after the fact and it is not affected. Something I installed obviously affected the browsers I had installed at the time but I have no idea what.

    It's almost like the video is sitting on top of the controls but won't let me click through to them.

    Safari 5.0.5
    OSX 10.5.8

    Has anyone seen this ? Any ideas on how to correct it? I have searched for people with similar problems but with no luck.
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