hey all,

i'm trying to install this Sketchbook Designer program, and i've been fighting with it for months. i don't have much experience with terminal, which might be the problem, but i'm not sure. here are the install instructions, which i've been following to a T:

1. I installed it the with the steps that it gives you in the install.txt file. Use 666-68686868 as the serial, and 741C1 as the product key.

2. Then after that's all done, start up the application, click on Activate on the left.

3. Now type in 666-69696969 for the serial, and 741C1 as the product key. DON'T use the product key found in step 6 of install.txt because that's wrong.

4. Now it should ask you for activation, just choose the second one (the offline activation), then enter your details there (obviously use fake stuff but it doesn't really matter).

5. Then after it's done just restart the application one more time.

6. Click on Activate again and enter 666-69696969 for the serial, and 741C1 as the product key. This time you'll see something else there called the Request Code.

7. Click on "I have an activation code from Autodesk" (second option).

8. Now before launching X-Force, first make sure you've set up a password for your user account on your Mac. Now open up Terminal and type sudo -s.

9. Now open up a finder window and go to xf-adesk2011.dmg and mount it, right-click on xf-adesk2011 inside of it and go to Show Package Contents. Go to Contents -> MacOS. Then drag x-force inside of that folder to the Terminal window and press Enter in Terminal and it'll launch.

10. Click on Mem Patch before you do anything else. It'll say successfully patched.

11. Then type or copy the Request Code from Sketchbook Designer into the Request Code box inside of X-Force.
Click Generate.

12. Copy the entire code, paste it into Sketchbook Designer, click Next.

i get to step 9, where i'm dragging the x-force into the terminal window and hitting enter, but it simply won't open. i get this message:
"dyld: unknown required load command 0x80000022
Trace/BPT trap"
i have no idea what that means, and google didn't help much. can anyone point me in the right direction? i'd be extremely grateful for any help!