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    I Lost My Progress In Pages!!!!
    I was writing a final for my Political Theory class. It was the most beautiful piece of writing I've ever done. It was 5 pages long and I had slaved over it for 4 hours to make it perfect. I let my laptop go to sleep while I watched Criminal Minds, when I came back to send the paper as an attachment to my professor, the MacBook had frozen. I forced a shutdown (not knowing Pages didn't autosave)

    is there any way to recover my progress?

    Thanks, my 3 credits depend on you!

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    Did you have autosave turned on? How about the option to always make a backup? And, when was the last time you saved the file? It seems to me that during the 4 hours you were working on the file that you surely would have saved it several times?

    If the answer is no to the above, you may have lost all your work. It may be possible to use a data recovery program to recover some or all of it. Data Rescue 3 is one of the best data recovery programs but it's quite pricey. ($99) You may want to download a trial version first.

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