Hey there, i have just bought a new imac (may 2011) and migrated all my files across from my old one using time machine.

Photo booth opens but the green light doesn't come on to show there is power to the camera. It takes photos, but they are blank. the camera works as I've tried FaceTime and there's no probs.

When I open Photo Booth I get an error message: "Bluetooth audio failed. There was an error connecting to your headset... etc" I do not have a bluetooth headset nor ever set one up.

Have I caused a problem during migration - perhaps replacing the new photo booth with the one from my old computer? I changed the name of the migrated Photo Booth files in my users>name>pictures folder to 'Photo Booth-old' so they wouldn't automatically be imported into Photo Booth

Any ideas that don't get overly technical would be much appreciated!