Hi guys! Mine's just a very simple question, we have 5 macs at home: 2 iMacs, 2 MBPs and a MacBook. I'm planning to gift the kids with a Starcraft2, my question is, can I get just 1, install it on all the machines then play against each other via network? Or do I need to buy separate games (w their own separate serial numbers) for each machine?

Before any of you ask me what cave I emerged from, LOL, its a cave called the 50's. I'm already 56. Decades ago I also freaked out on Warcraft and Starcraft (but it was mostly personal games against the machine, not network ones) but then other "priorities" crowded my gaming days. But then when they released Starcraft2 my youngest son has been bugging me to get him a copy and I think is planning on challenging me . Hahaha but now that I think of it, I just might try several levels against the macs, just like the good old days! So any patient soul out there who can 'enlighten" me?

Many thanks in advance!