Hopefully someone here can help me out. I'm getting nowhere fast on the Adobe forums, as Adobe has said this is a "known issue" but has yet to post anything in their knowledge base. I'm getting conflicting information from tech support.

I have about a 2-month old MBP, and I'm a new Mac user, so I've been very careful about working with the OS and installation of software. The only software that I've installed on this system since I purchased it is Office 2011 and Filezilla. I bought Adobe Design Premium through Apple with an educator's discount. Received it in the mail but had to wait 3 business days (plus the weekend) to install it, since I needed to submit to Adobe extensive proof that I was a teacher. It was indicated in the box that I could install it on a "trial basis" before I received my serial numbers, but I decided to just wait until I could install it permanently with the authorized serial numbers.

Once I received the serial numbers, I went to the Apple store for help installing this (I have One to One). I wanted to make sure that I installed this correctly. Took the entire session just to install the first disk (the programs sans Acrobat), but I got the feel for it and installed the fonts from disk 2 and Acrobat from disk 3 when I got home (Acrobat has a separate serial number). Programs that I use regularly to date are Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, and InDesign. All work well and run without issues.

Multiple updates have been pushed through since installation. All downloaded and installed without a hitch.

Last Friday, May 6, though, two updates popped up: one for Photoshop and one for Dreamweaver. The PS update installed, but the DW update (11.0.4) will not download and update. Every time I try to run it, it fails. I downloaded and have run the Adobe Support Advisor multiple times. Some times it shows no issues, other times it throws back this error code: cpsid_83578r3: Error "Validate License at Pre-Chrome" when installing-Creative Suite 5.

Searches on the Adobe forum show this error occurs in Photoshop CS5 and CS 5.5 upon installation and not with Dreamweaver (there are other issues with the 11.0.4 update -- but not what I'm getting). I've posted multiple messages on the Adobe forum board, and users are having this issue with PS, but not with DW, and it's with installation after a trial upgrade, but not after an update.

When I finally got through to Adobe tech support last night, they immediately wanted to remote control my machine. I declined, since I'm a bit hesitant to have someone mess with my machine when my software works.

The tech was very evasive and was not much help at all. Right now my DW shows it's CS5 11.0 build 4964. Should I just turn off the updates, or should I try to figure out how to manually install this? The updater is lurking at the top of my screen every day . . .and I know it's the DW update that won't download.

I'm getting really frustrated. Thanks for any insight.