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    Formatting/printing problem in Word 2011 for Mac
    I have a document that is about 200 pages long. It is a pretty unique document in that it is a side-by-side “translation” text. There is english on the left side and french on the right (of each page). The document is 12x9 and is composed of a table with 3 columns, i.e. left column is english, middle column is the “book fold” and the right column is french. To add even more to the complexity, every 20 or so pages, there is a full page, outside of the tables which reads all the way from the left page to the right page, with a space for the fold built in. When these pages are folded it will be a standard 6x9 book..if I could get it to print that way.

    My problem is that I cannot figure out how to order the pages properly without breaking each page into a 6x9 format. I want to keep the formatting “as is” as I have spent hours and hours making sure each line of english lines up with the french. I know this is possible, since I own books that are printed this way.

    Is there a way for this to work? I have access to most of Adobe’s products, so technology shouldn’t be a problem. I just don’t know how to do it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    There's a good chance that if you saw a similar document to yours printed in book form or magazine style that it wasn't created with Word.

    I honestly don't know if Word is capable of doing what you're asking. I've used Word for years both on my PCs and now Mac but have never had to assemble and print a document that is as complex as you describe.

    You might want to ask this same question to the MS Word experts who hang out in the Microsoft Mac Word forum located on the MS server. Here is the LINK. You may have to register in order to post but registration is free.

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    yeah, i am pushing poor Word as hard as it can go. thanks for the advice! i'll ask over there.

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