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    Cool How to mimick the "free" command used in Linux in OS X.
    I have a lot of friends who started out learning about unix command line concepts using linux. And many of them are now migrating over to Mac OS X. They are used to using the "free" command to look up ram/memory statistics using terminal in linux.

    I found a python script written for Mac OS X that sort of mimics this command. I normally just use "top", or "vmstat" command myself. However, this is a pretty cool little python script and might be handy in someones OS X terminal toolbox out there.

    I have attached the script. Feel free to tweak it, modify it. Share with us any improvements you can muster. Have fun!

    Just download the program attachment. I called it
    Now be sure to "cd" into the directory that the new file is at.
    For example I placed the file in my Documents2 directory so to get there just enter at the terminal:

    cd /Documents2

    Now you need to change the name to "" to make it usable by the built in python interpreter by using the "mv" command in your terminal:
    sudo mv

    Then make it executable by entering:

    chmod +x

    Now type the following command in your terminal:


    Below I put an example of what the output looks like on my terminal.


    raul-ruizs-imac:documents2 ruizfamily$ python
    Wired Memory: 311 MB
    Active Memory: 555 MB
    Inactive Memory: 387 MB
    Free Memory: 2525 MB
    Real Mem Total (ps): 596.910 MB
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