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Thread: Good Notetaking app for Mac

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    Good Notetaking app for Mac
    I currently have an iPad and use PenUltimate as a notetaking app on the iPad and like it a lot. Now I plan to purchase a MacBook Air and I will take this computer with me to meetings and other types of appointments. I'm going to use it for many things but one of the main things I plan to use it for is to take Notes.
    I understand it's not a touch screen computer but instead of simplly using TextEdit or Word I'd like to know if there's any good notetaking applications for the Mac. I'd like one where I could simply type notes but if possible use the Trackpad or tools to do some minimal drawing in notes and possibly even use the microphone for voice notes. I'd also like the ability to take organize these notes in categories, etc. Is there anything like this available for the Mac?

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    I haven't seen anything that combines everything you listed for the Mac - but Circus Ponies NoteBook - Take Great Notes has many of the features you described. You may have to find a separate stand alone recording app.

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    Try Curio. Works well for me with notetaking. You can record with the mic and the webcam and some drawing with the touchpad or a graphics tablet

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    I love Evernote. Cross-platform and awesome.

    On the iPad, Penultimate is great for creative note taking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by schweb View Post
    I love Evernote. Cross-platform and awesome.

    On the iPad, Penultimate is great for creative note taking.
    I agree. I recently started using Evernote again and it is pretty darn sweet.

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    Cirrus Ponies Notebook - as stated before works quite well for note taking. I use it in conjunction with the 10-1 inklet app. Works pretty well but there is a learning curve for both pieces of software.
    Inklet Trackpad Tablet
    Otherwise - I like notify for the iPad.
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