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    How to stop the clock animation in iCal message pop ups
    Hello everyone,

    I like to set alarms with popups in iCal to remind me of coming events. I sometimes leave them open on screen. However, I find the animated alarm clock in these messages annoying. I located the gif file that seems responsible ( and replaced it with one that is not animated. But the clock keeps moving. It does even if I delete the file. Is there any way to stop the clock animation?

    iCal 4.0.4 OS 10.6.7

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    Jun 25, 2008
    Someone provided the solution in another forum:

    That gif is duplicated in low-level frameworks at


    You may need to modify that one to suppress the animated clock.

    Usual warnings apply. Have a good backup or test on a volume that you can erase if everything goes awry. Don't be surprised if OS updates overwrite your modifications.

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