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    I am having a problem with a spam email... help!
    I got a spam email a while ago which had 500 email addresses to which it was sent. I tried to reply to this email, to explain that it was not a good idea to send to 500 people, but upon attempting to send the email, I was told that Mail could not connect to the outgoing email server. Now when ever I attempt to open Mail on my Macintosh, the program attempts again to send the email, and comes up with this error again, and this invalidates the red "close" button's function, which forces me to minimize the program and open a new window. I cannot delete this email to fix the problem, and so I seem to be stuck in an endless loop.
    What do I do? Help!

    running os x 10.5.8

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    Tried opening Mail Offline ?

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    Why do you want to contact SPAMMERS?
    Tell them that you don't appreciate what they are doing?
    Plus, by this time, the email addy they were using is probably not in use anymore and are using another one...
    They use an addy just for one batch, then off to the next address,
    so they don't get caught.
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    try looking for the mail in your drafts. if Mail can't find the server, it might save the email for a later time to try and send it again. I think drafts was where it was for me and I just had to delete it. good luck!

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