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Thread: Resizing issue with Preview 4.2

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    Resizing issue with Preview 4.2
    I like to open many images of varying sizes in one window and use the arrow keys to view them. With the older version of Preview on my G4, once the Preview window opened I would enlarge the window to fill the screen; then I would click "Zoom To Fit." As a result, ALL of the images that followed - regardless of size - would fill the window (as they should).

    Since getting my Mac Mini with the latest version of Preview, however, only the first image zooms to fit, and the all the rest that follow open in actual size (or if larger, would fit the window; I'm referring to images SMALLER than the window) and must be manually clicked "zoom to fit." This occurs even when I select and highlight ALL the image icons in the sidebar and click "zoom to fit."

    What's more, even when I manually adjust each image, if I close Preview and reopen those images in Preview later, they open in actual size. There doesn't seem to be a way to "Save All" anymore, either. So, what's the advance of this? It seems Preview has lost some capabilities.

    The Preferences panel in Preview is of no discernible help. And the only info "help" gives refers only to PDFs.

    Does anyone know of a way to get Preview to behave as before - to allow zoom to fit to include ALL the images selected?

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