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    May 06, 2011
    .avi viewing nightmare
    I thought I had all the codecs and components I needed to view any media and any file, but then the geniuses at Apple Store told me I had a data corruption issue and rather than using time machine and my back-up disc, I should completely re-install everything on my new macbook pro and use migration assistance for my files.

    Well, I have done that and now I cannot get .avi files to play.

    I have downloaded more than I had before:
    and some other codec for QT

    None of them work, or I am not using them right. On my macbook, I had QT Pro 7, but now I can't install or register that either because of the new Macbook Pro has QT X.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm getting on a plane Saturday and would love to have a few shows to watch. I tried watching online, but my connection is too slow.


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    Download Perian, which should play just about anything using Quicktime. Failing that download MPEGStreamclip to try converting to another format.

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    Plus 1 for Perian great piece of software!

    - Simon

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    Agreed. Another +1 for Perian and VLC.

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    May 06, 2011
    perian and VLC not working
    Thanks, but I have installed both and both are not working to view AVI. Will try the Mpeg option.

    Any other ideas? I never had trouble on my regular macbook with just QT Pro & Perian.

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