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Thread: importing editable EPS in PowerPoint 2011

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    importing editable EPS in PowerPoint 2011
    I'm new to PowerPoint and I'm trying to import some logos from an EPS file. My co-worker does this all the time on a PC, but my Mac PowerPoint 2011 won't bring in the files as editable. I'm inserting the file as picture, but I can't ungroup it. Any solutions? I've looked all over the web and even their own tutorials do not cover such a topic.


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    I'm not sure you can edit an EPS file in Powerpoint on your Mac. Try changing the EPS file to a JPG or something else prior to importing to PP on the Mac.

    I routinely edit many various graphic files in PP with Office 2008 or 2011 but have never run across a situation where the file format was EPS.

    EPS files can be opened by Adobe Illustrator and edited. But if you don't have Adobe, you may not be able to edit them with another application. Someone who is more familiar with that file format and how to edit them may be of more help.

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    May 04, 2011
    I've been a designer for over 20 years now and do have and use Illustrator CS5. The problem is that I need to have vector images in PPT so they're editable for my client. I can't use Jpegs or any other rasterized image as those are no longer editable.

    My co-worker has been doing this for me on her PC, but I thought I'd dive into PPT for Mac since I have it handy. When she inserts the picture (EPS file), she is then able to ungroup it and she can then make pieces are parts larger, smaller or move things around. I'm just very surprised that you can't seem to do that with the newest version of the software and on a Mac.

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