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Thread: how to i write chinese words

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    how to i write chinese words
    anyone can help how do i type Chinese words using mac?

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    You can use Chinese characters from the languages in International in preferences. You'd have to undersatnd them though.
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    After you set Chinese as one of the languages in Preferences > Language and Text, then there are extra steps are needed.

    1. On the first tab (Language) be sure that Chinese is selected.

    2. Go to the fourth tab (Input Sources) in the Language and Text preferences. Click on Keyboard and Character viewer is checked in the list. Then make sure Chinese is also checked. Make sure you click the box on the bottom right “Show input menu on menu bar.”

    3. When you go back to the program where you will write. When you want to switch to Chinese, then hit Control + CMD + Spacebar, and you will see list of languages use the up/down arrow to select Chinese. If you only want to use English and Chinese, then when you hit Control + CMD + Spacebar and it will automatically go back to English (it acts as a toggle).

    I assume that you have a program that handles Chinese (Nisus Writer Pro or Mellel).
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