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    help...any way to recover trashed movie/photo
    did not know which specific forum to post this under

    i accidentally trashed a few movies/photos from photobooth over the past month or so...i was wondering if there's any way to undelete these..or a program to make that possible

    i know that it's been a while but i'd do anything to get them back

    please help

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    You backup right...? Use Time Machine....

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    Apr 30, 2011
    i did not use the backup when i have these movies done...that's the problem

    i know there's undelete softwares out there...just didn't know if that was the best route in getting them back

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    You have zero to none of a chance since it was over the past month or so you've been using your computer (writing over the erased space).
    You can try data rescue 3 to see if you can find it and choose whether or not to spend the $100 to recover it, but at the end of the day, if you have been using your Mac for that long, even professional data recovery services would be lucky to get anything more than fragmented bits and pieces at a major cost to your hip pocket!

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    As 6string so eloquently said: You have zero to none of a chance......

    Your movies and photos are gone forever. The time to undelete something is as soon as it happens - and then the first rule is to stop using the machine until the data is undeleted.

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